Special Issue: Journal of Hydrology

Special issue of Journal of Hydrology

Water and megacities: new risks, new solutions

Journal of Hydrology

    Journal of Hydrology publishes original research papers enhancing the science of hydrology and aiming at region-specific problems, past and future conditions, analysis, review and solutions. The journal particularly welcomes research papers that deliver new insights into region-specific hydrological processes and responses to changing conditions, as well as contributions that incorporate interdisciplinarity and translational science.

Special Issue: Water and megacities: new risks, new solutions

     This Special Issue, prepared in connection with the international conference  Water megacities and global change, focus more specifically on the specificities of water in megacities and on the consequences of global change. It will include about twenty scholarly contributions that help to analyze the consequences of the development of megacities in the context of climate change, on water management on the one side and to propose new innovative solutions on the other side.

    Scientific, technical and operational skills will be considered. The submission of research and review papers with interdisciplinary themes within the broad theme of water megacities (e.g., hydrology and health, governance, social issues, and others) is particularly encouraged.

Papers are submitted to the classic selection process of the journal.




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