1. To gather the actors researchers/operators/elected officials and representatives of the civil society.


Through a detailed analysis of real problems in order to find sustainable solutions, and like ARCEAU does in the Ile-de-France region, the conference should allow for establishing a positive dialogue among the main actors of water management.

2. To initiate a thematic on water within the towns/megacities networks.

This network could become a driver for innovation by developing a global and integrated approach, and by favoring the interaction between scientists and operators.

3. Publishing

Several publications are expected:

  • Electronic proceedings of the conference;
  • A book compiling the best presentations;
  • Some « special issues » of international scientific journals with the most relevant papers;
  • A series of monographs illustrating the water related problems in a selection of megacities.

4.Highlights of achievements in the region

The demonstration of solutions implemented in the Ile-de-France region will serve as the baseline for a potential dialogue between the megacities for solving their problems.

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